Each ShotCam challenge is for the hole you’re currently playing. You must be between 10-175 yards from the green to start a challenge, and you can play for a hole out (one swing), up and down (two swings), or both.

Q: Does up & down mean birdie? And does hole out mean eagle?

A: A hole out is making it in one shot after you hit Pay and Play. An Up & Down is 2 shots (2 videos), after you hit Pay and Play.

Q: I have a bank account outside the USA. Can I still do some challenges?

A: All ShotCam transactions are US based only right now.

Q: If we are playing a par 5 do we need to record every shot?

A: You just need to record the hole out or the up and down (last shot from 10-175 yards from the green, plus the putt). We need to see the ball land in each video and it needs to stay in the cup to record a win.

Q: Are the shots from the tee or do you hit from around the green?

A: It might be from the tee or fairway depending on the distance of the hole. You must be between 10-175 yards from the green for a hole out or up & down. We must be able to see the ball land and it must stay in the hole. Payouts differ based on distance from the hole.

Q: Do you have to fill out a W-9 after each time you win?

A: We typically don’t require a W-9 unless players win $600 or more in profit.

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